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Seahawks reportedly closing in on Pete Carroll to be Head Coach AND team President

The Seahawks world is certainly all atwitter (no pun intended) as we have reports, tweets and blog entries left and right that Pete Carroll is on the verge of becoming the next head coach of the Seattle SeahawksTre9er put up a FanShot of PFT's report 7 hours ago, so this is not exactly a shocking piece of breaking news.  Rumors are floating of an offer of $7 million a year and Carroll would take over as both head coach and team president.

I've always been entertained by Pete Carroll at the college level, but he has had next to no success at the NFL level.  In one full season with the Jets he went 6-10.  In three seasons with the Patriots he went 10-6, 9-7, and then 8-8.  Before anybody points to his 10-6 "success," remember that he took over a Patriots team that had gone to the Super Bowl the year before under Bill Parcells.

Whatever you think of Carroll as a coach (or your thoughts on USC and their issues with rules violations and whatnot), this is a very intriguing hire by the Seahawks if it comes to fruition.  Personally I don't see how things change for Pete at the NFL level, even coming off his run of success at USC.  And throwing in the team president role (which I'd imagine includes some level of personnel power) only makes me wonder even further.  I suppose the upside is he could bring in "his kind of guys," but I'm not really sold on that.

Either way, the NFC West might be getting a little more interesting in 2010.