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Golden Nuggets: Return man or don't holla

Hey hey hey. James here. Guess who forgot they had to do the Nuggets tonight? This guy right here. Sorry about that folks but I don't anticipate that I have a lot for you anyway. As to the title, it's a reference to this guy I've been playing Madden with and used it for my own means.. but yeah. Moving on from that. From what I can tell we've got some stuff concerning the vacancy at special teams coordinator, and to be honest with you I'm not sure there's really anybody available who is actually better than Al Everest, but who knows? I have no opinions on the matter when it all comes down to it, I just hope we get someone decent. Still, we need a returner, there's not a coach in the world who will turn the likes of Arnaz Battle and Brandon Jones into legitimate return men. It just won't happen. Battle is gone or I'm going to complain about it every single day next season in the Nuggets. At least then I won't go on and on with lame filler. Not that, you know, I ever do that. Nor am I writing this sentence right here to extend the links enough to wrap around the picture! Well, how about I get on to some of your links, then?

Oh gee, you think? Jerry Rice made it as a finalist for Hall of Fame eligibility. The man is a shoe-in if there has ever been one. (

The team interviewed Larry Mac Duff for the vacancy at special teams coordinator. I can't admit I know a lot about the guy, because well, I don't. (

Barrows takes a look at the possibility of the 49ers trading for WR/RB/KR/PR Joshua Cribbs, who currently is unhappy with the Browns. I think it's worth considering, but if we can possibly acquire Javier Arenas with our later pick or in the second round.. I think I'd rather take the CB, considering we need some young depth and talent there as well. Arenas is easily my dream draft player. Well, aside from Suh of course, but you know. (

There are indeed a lot of questions for the 49ers to consider going into the offseason. (

A decent look at the past decade of 49ers football. (

Samuel Lam looks at some of the players the 49ers should be strongly considering in the upcoming draft. Not sure I agree on all of them, but he makes some good points. (

The 49ers offense must evolve. No kidding. (

Here's some personal awards given by one of the writers at the Chronicle. I agree for the most part, except for Kentwan Balmer getting another season before he's labeled a bust. The guy is a bust. (

One of my favorite players on the team, Brian Jennings has some playoff picks. (

Lam grades the 49ers performances this season. Mostly agree. He was probably a little too nice. (

So the Seahawks are going to hire Pete Carroll as head coach, most likely. I mean, I'm not sure what to think about this. I'm not exactly.. worried, but ya know? I dunno. I'm confusing myself. (

Our division rivals, the St. Louis Rams have the first pick in the draft.. Will it be Suh or a QB? Suh scares the crap out of me. Please be a QB. (