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Golden Nuggets: Pretty stoked.

I'm pretty stoked right now, mostly because I just found out that Brian Jennings was on KNBR recently. So I'm listening to the audio of that while I write this. He's pretty bummed out that Andy Lee actually had more tackles than he did. He firmly believes that the 49ers lost because he didn't have enough tackles. What a guy, no?

Anyway ... the name of the game right now is Mike Johnson and what he can do to improve this offense we have here. I actually feel optimistic after listening to him, but then again, I've felt optimistic after listening to coaches before, and it hasn't been the best choice. I've been let down quite a bit on that front. Well, it's 3:00 a.m., and I haven't started on the links. So apologies for the late-ness. Enjoy 'em, though.

It's Johnson's turn to get offensive. Oh, the puns. I actually just mis-typed and put "punts." I'm scared. (

Johnson will be looking to diversify the offense and get everyone involved. Let's see if he can do it effectively. (

The Alex Smith-to-Michael Crabtree connection isn't exactly off to a great start so far this season. Ouch, those numbers burn. (

Falcons CB Dunta Robinson sees the 49ers as a big test. Well, that's nice of him. (

If you wanted some bad numbers, Eric Branch has you covered with a few depressing totals. Thanks, man. (

Here's the audio from Brian Jennings on KNBR. So good. (

A look at Mike Johnson's offensive philosophy, in his own words. (

Alex Smith is 1/11th of the problem. I think that's a good way to put it, honestly. (

Eric Heitmann's return gives us some options on the offensive line, but to me, the only option is to put him right back in at C and let Baas compete elsewhere. (

Sorry for the less-than-complete Nuggets, folks. Will update in a bit if I have the time. Expect them back to their usual goodness tomorrow. Yes, I said goodness.