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49ers-Eagles and Fandom versus Money: What Would You Do?

I'm not sure how many folks have seen this story but some intriguing gambling news out of the fine state of Delaware. An unnamed gambler took part in Delaware's $5, 15-team parlay bet with a payoff of $100,000. The bettor correctly picked all 14 NFL games last week against the spread, but in order to get to 15 games he had to pick the 49ers-Eagles game tonight. He made the pick last week when the 49ers were at +3. This all happened before the Vick, Samuel, and McCoy injuries last week. The 49ers currently sit at -3 or -3.5 so he's in a good position.

Where this gets interesting is that the bettor could put in a bet in Las Vegas (because he can't go anywhere else) on the Eagles at +3 and be guaranteed to win at least $50,000. I realize this is probably a stupid question, but if you as a 49ers fan were in his place, would you lay the money down (assuming you could get it)? I'd imagine most everybody would say yes, but I wonder two things:

1) Would you bet against your own team?

2) Would you roll the dice on the full $100,000 by sitting on the 49ers at +3?