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Eagles 27 - 49ers 24: The fan rage spilleth over

Normally when the first recap thread fills up after a tough loss, I like to use the next recap thread that evening to look at a particular positive from the game. As bad as this loss was there were certainly some positives in the performance of certain players. But this is a team game and I've reached a point where I really don't feel like posting about any good from this game.

Yes, your fearless leader, a perpetual optimist, is getting pissed off at his San Francisco 49ers. I've been thinking back to the recent dark years for the 49ers (dating specifically to the Dennis Erickson era). The Dennis Erickson era, for me, felt more like an era of indifference. It seemed like the minute the 49ers hired Dennis Erickson that things were not going to end well. It's one of the reasons I have no interest in going after Jim Harbaugh at this point in his coaching career.

Successful college coaches generally do not succeed at the NFL level. Yes some do find success, but often those coaches (see Tom Coughlin as example #1) had a decent amount of NFL experience mixed in. Jim Harbaugh currently has two years as a Raiders offensive assistant under his belt. Yes he played the QB position, but I just don't see that as enough justification to roll the dice on the college flavor of the month. And no I'm not comparing him in every respect to Dennis Erickson, who had proven to be a mediocre NFL coach already. I'm simply pointing to the issue of successful college coaches moving to the NFL.

And this is all assuming the team decides to fire Mike Singletary at some point. Maybe they do, maybe they don't. I'm not saying the 49ers should fire Mike Singletary. What I am saying is that for the folks screaming for Jim Harbaugh, check your history first.