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Golden Nuggets: Facepalm

I'm going to stop assuming the 49ers can win football games. I got all excited yesterday and I was let down, to the highest of extents. I felt like I was watching a Giants game ... except they win and stuff now, sometimes. I don't even know what I took from that game, honestly. I don't know who I want to blame, I don't know what to do with the offensive line, the quarterback situation, the coaching staff, anything of that nature.

So where do we go from here? Well, we get a win against the Raiders and go 1-5, that's a start. I think we envisioned the "start," would be five weeks ago, but this will have to do, I imagine. They're not a team to take lightly though, as I've come to know. The Raiders are a decent football team, and the 49ers will, once again, have their hands full. Let's just get to your links.

God I hate that this is still coming up. All this nonsense about a shared stadium with the Raiders. I will not buy tickets to that stadium if it's the case. Just a big kick in the package after that loss. (

A change at quarterback is still "possible," according to Mike Singletary. I certainly hope not. (

The defense has not performed. In fact, the defense has crumpled quite a few times this season. What a false sense of security. (

Singletary and Smith had an ... animated discussion on the sidelines during the game, and then after that, a meeting. (

How about some grades? They aren't pretty. (

A coaching change isn't coming for the 49ers, which I am firmly behind. I think ... (

One of the few things that went right: Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree appeared to be on the same page for once. Let's hope that can continue. (

The fans at the stadium were chanting David Carr's name. What a misguided bunch. (

I don't know what to do about Alex Smith. He's good, then he's bad, then he's OK ... just schizophrenic. (