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49ers-Eagles: Mike Singletary Day After Press Conference

And we're back for another round of Mike Singletary's day after press conference. The 49ers are coming off another gut-wrenching loss, only this one comes with a twist. Two seasons after almost benching Shaun Hill before being talked out of it, Mike Singletary was ready to bench Alex Smith. David Carr spoke with Mike Johnson up in the coaches booth but apparently Smith eventually told Singletary what he wanted to hear. Smith returned to the field and led the 49ers to a pair of touchdowns.

After the game Coach Singletary indicated he would assess the tape and that it was certainly a possibility that he would consider replacing Alex Smith against the Raiders. I suspect we'll see Smith start against the Raiders, but this is the furthest Mike Singletary has ever gone in backing down from his support of Alex Smith. I'd imagine a hefty chunk of today's press conference will be about the Alex Smith situation. I'd like to hope another sizable chunk will deal with some of the issues on the defensive side of the ball. We'll see. It should be an interesting press conference.

I've embedded the CSN video player after the jump, but you can also watch it live at, head on over to CSN Bay Area to watch the press conference, watch it live on CSN Bay Area (channel 40 in San Francisco)

Mike Singletary Press Conference