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Golden Nuggets: The Eel Doesn't Get Her. I'm Explaining To You Because You Look Nervous

Good morning, Niner fans. I hope all of you are Giants fans, honestly. I mean, it's hard to wish that torture on someone, but at least they're winning. It really is helping me as a 49ers fan, but every time I stand up and shout to the skies when the Giants do something magical, I still have the 49ers, my first love, looming in the back of my mind. It's almost like a consolation at this point. I wonder if any of the people I see on McCovey Chronicles are the same way. I see 49er16 in every single game thread on every blog, and I wonder if he's thinking about the 49ers just like I am.

I'm sitting here, wondering about the coaching and quarterback situation. We have so much talent on this roster. We have holes, definitely, at a lot of positions, but there is so much there and it's not coming together right now. Jed York's text about the 49ers winning the division got nothing out of me. I have faith in this team, and I actually think Jed York can turn out to be a good little executive when it all comes down to it, but right now, the only kool-aid I'm drinking if tropical punch. As one Andre Young will tell you, that's some real conversation for your [site decorum].

Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something. - The Princess Bride

That's just how it is, and if I get anything other than, "Oh My God, I love that movie! Ninjames you are the coolest fella!" I will strike you down with a ban so fast, you'll think I was any receiver in the NFL and that you were the 49ers secondary. But I do have one other quote to revert to. Some folks say that this team will not make the playoffs. That 0-5 is too insurmountable of a mark, and to them I say:

Buttercup: We'll never survive!

Westley: Nonsense. You're only saying that because no one ever has. - The Princess Bride

Do you know what they did in what I can only assume is a 100% true and factual story? They survived the fire swamp! They survived even the R.O.U.S.'s, with their back against the wall. We don't have a wheelbarrow or a holocaust cloak, but we've got some decent playmakers to fall back on. Michael Crabtree got involved last week and hopefully he can continue to do so. We're 0-5, sure — but we'll be 1-5 going into week seven. Of that I'm very confident, and you should be as well. Her'es some links, now that I've gone off on a tangent and forgotten where I started. Go Niners! 

Jed York is of the opinion that the 49ers will be winning the NFC West. He said so in a text to ESPN, and like I said before, I feel as if he's lying to me directly to my face, but I don't entirely feel distraught. Maybe we can pull it off, who knows? (

Quarterback David Carr was told to "hold up," on Sunday night when he trotted onto the field to replace Alex Smith. That's when they pulled him. (

Alex Smith will remain the starting quarterback for this team. In my opinion, it's a good move, in that it's the only available move that's feasible at this point. (

Over at SBNBA, we have a stream about Mike Singletary and his job security, or rather, all of the disarray pertaining to the 49ers. You can expect daily updates and commentary on the media buzz around the team and their issues. (

Here's the transcript from Mike Singletary's press conference yesterday. (

David Carr is not, and will never be, the 49ers answer at the quarterback position. Or their future, just so you know. His best chances are to be an all-pro field-goal holder, and the team already has Andy Lee to take care of that. (

Sando takes a look at York's guarantee and what it means. His summation: what a crock. (

Maiocco had a one-on-one interview with Jed York regarding this 0-5 football team, his declaration of NFC West victory, the quarterback position and Singletary's job security, among other things. (

If you feel like some doom and gloom (up in your room), Kawakami has his latest musings out. So give those a look-see, why don't you? (

Whoops, I lied, he also had some things to say after the press conference regarding Singletary's statements and the like. (

Cohn is advocating Nate Davis as the starting quarterback, which, to me, is not a good choice. But I really don't have the strength to argue that when we're an 0-5 football team. (

There is supposedly going to be a change in philosophy for the 49ers quarterback position. I'm not entirely buying into it, you don't suddenly make a change overnight as a player and go from there. Who knows, though, Smith is a very smart guy with a lot of mental capabilities, maybe he can overcome those deficiencies as easily as it is to say he can. (

This comes from Alex Smith saying he's too cautious. Which is definitely the case. (

Why not? Odds on first NFL coach to get fired. Gulp. (

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