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49ers-Raiders Spread: Should The 49ers Be 6.5 point favorites?

Earlier today at SB Nation Bay Area, Ninjames put together a post about the spread on this weekend's 49ers-Raiders matchup. The 49ers currently sit as 6.5 point favorites against the Raiders. The 49ers are 0-5 and in quite a state of turmoil while the Oakland Raiders snapped a 13-game losing streak to the San Diego Chargers to improve to 2-3. Obviously wins and losses can often be explained away, but given the state of the 49ers, should they be favored against anybody?

We'll have plenty about the Oakland Raiders this week, but for now, they're a hard team to figure out. They're putting together 134.2 rushing yards per game and averaging 4.4 per carry. Jason Campbell and Bruce Gradkowski haven't exactly wowed the world, but the fact that they're not Jamarcus Russell has to count for something. While their passing defense has been solid, they're 31st in the NFL in rushing yards allowed. They're an amalgamation of contradictions.

What do you think the spread should be in this game? 49ers fans generally look down with disdain upon the Raiders, but given how the 49ers have performed to date, is that even possible at the moment?