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Golden Nuggets: Unnamed Sources Are The Bane Of My Existence

Good morning, Niner fans. I think I got all of the incomprehensible rantings and ravings out of the way, and we get less comments in the Nuggets when I do, go figure. You are all slacking, I can say that much. Then again, I can't expect all of you to be "down," with a movie as legitimately awesome as The Princess Bride.

We, did, however, have some good discussion yesterday in relation to the team. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm any closer to what I believe is a solution, nor am I any closer in knowing what I think will happen. I generally have an opinion, but the farthest I was able to get was some loose feelings of Singletary sticking around and Alex Smith being gone. I ... feel good about the 49ers still. I don't know why. I feel stupid for even saying it. But there's ... I don't even know. Let's hope Alex Smith can do something against the Raiders. Here's your links, I apologize for tardiness.

I took a look at some of Kawakami's comments regarding Mike Singletary and Alex Smith, and the end of their era. (

Here's another one of Jason Cole's articles citing unnamed sources that apparently none of the other established beat writers have. I'll keep my thoughts to myself, but regardless of my obvious skepticism, where there's smoke, there's probably fire. Or somebody getting tore up, one or the other. Either way, Cole says that there's probably no way Singletary is back next season even if the team makes the playoffs. Which is depressing, because, we just know there will be even more inconsistency going into next seaason. (

The 49ers are seeking special teams help, so naturally they've signed a guy who was cut for missing assignments and the like. I said it when it happened and I'll say it again, cutting Michael Robinson was a huge mistake. (

We've got a new offensive coordinator, but Singletary's stamp is still on the offense. Ugh. (

The 49ers are favored going into the week six matchup against the Oakland Raiders. Do you think they should be? Be sure to vote on the poll on the post. (

Maiocco has his every-player review from the 49ers-Eagles game. (

John Madden said some things about stuff. I didn't listen to him when he was a commentator and I'm not going to listen to him now. (

Here's some notes from the game against the Eagles, some film review or something along those lines. (

Be sure to check up on the game stream for the 49ers-Raiders matchup over at SBNBA. It will be updated throughout the week with news and previews. (

First Look: Oakland Raiders (

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