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Golden Nuggets: Not Sure What To Think

I'm not sure what to talk about today. Nothing else is going to happen between now and the Raiders game, and there's no measure of writing about the game will bring me any closer to knowing how it will turn out. Being a 49ers fan has made me a worrisome wreck, I feel like I don't know how to analyze and break down a game anymore, because I've done it five times this season and been wrong all five times. Whereas, I predicted both Sharks games this season, the entirety of the Giants NLDS run, etc ... It's a confusing thing, being a Niners fan. I didn't even link to Maiocco's power rankings the other day because I think I would have went all sportsrage and turned my laptop into a flotation device. Either way, I'm going to sit back, and hope for a good Sunday. That sounds lovely. Enjoy the links, folks.

Barrows makes a good point in this article: bad bounces don't add up to 0-5. Singletary is pretty crazy if he thinks that bad bounces have made this team unable to win a single game. (

David Carr has never been booed as much as Alex Smith was on Sunday. David "I never learned how to throw properly" Carr wasn't booed as much as our starting quarterback was on Sunday. Le sigh. (

Smith's play at the end of the game against the Eagles is the reason he's the starting QB against Oakland. Let's hope it pays off. (

Here's a link of the podcast that Fooch and Raymond from SB Nation Bay Area put together. They're getting into the swing of things right now, so give them some leeway. If you're wondering about the NN Podcast, smileyman and I will have one of those around the game this week. (SB Nation Bay Area)

How did this team get where they are now with turnover differential? Didn't they do ... well in that regard last year? Ugh. (

Be sure to check out the game stream for Sunday's game from SBNBA. We're posting matchups presently, one from a Raiders fan, then a 49ers fan - you get how it is. So check it out. Also don't forget to check out the disarray stream. (

Singletary thinks a guy didn't perform that well, and the guy thinks he performed fine. Great. Protip, Aubrayo, you haven't been very good this year. (

Shaun Hill is happy to be out of San Francisco. Oh, flippin' joy. I'm happy for him, too. Douche. (

There's a bunch of articles about Patrick Willis and his lack of play-making. I'm not worried about Willis, he's not the problem and he won't ever be. (

I'm all for unleashing him, though. (

Singletary still sees upside in the teams 0-5 start. I would give ... well, I'm not sure what I'd give, but I'd love to talk to Singletary personally about this team. See if he can make me buy into it. (

The time is running out for this team's coach. And supporting coaches. And quarterback. And everything else. (

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