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49ers-Raiders: How Much Do You Care About Winning The "Battle Of The Bay?"

There's more than one Battle of the Bay here in California. There's some small measure of rivalry between all the teams, including the Kings and Lakers in the NBA and the Chargers in the NFL. The Kings in LA don't matter because the Sharks spank them like no other. Suckas. Oh, and I think there's an LA baseball team or something but they probably suck. Maybe an Anaheim hockey team or something like that, but hey, who cares, right?

The real matchup is going down on Sunday, between what are obviously the two most important teams in the Bay Area. They don't often get to take part in matchups of significance in the regular season, but I think we've done a fine job of convincing ourselves that the preseason meetings are important enough by adding that Battle of the Bay moniker.

Does it hold any significance with you guys? I think a healthy portion of us can say we dislike the Raiders, but is that due to them being another Bay Area football team, or due to the fact that ... the rest of the league generally hates the Raiders? In other words, does Bay Area pride come into play at all for this game? I'm just interested to hear your thoughts, so I've included a poll.