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NFL Week 6: Sunday Morning Thread

Since the 49ers don't kick off with the Raiders until 1pm, we'll obviously need a thread to keep us busy in the meantime. It's really a shame we don't have the Panthers Watch anymore. That was one of the highlights of last season.

The morning has some key matchups, particularly with the 49ers. Arizona has a bye but Seattle faces off at Chicago, while the Rams host the San Diego Chargers. I mention both of those because the 49ers have a slim shot at the NFC West title, which means every NFC West game is absolutely key. Of course, if the 49ere lose to the Raiders we might as well call it a day (for those of us still holding out hope).

Just about every game is intriguing for football fans. Falcons-Eagles pits Vick against his former team, although having it in Philly is nowhere near as exciting as it would be in Atlanta. The biggest matchup might actually be Saints at Buccaneers. Tampa Bay is 3-1 and is hanging around just ahead of the Saints. A Bucs win would be monstrous for their playoff chances and would really establish them as legit heading into the middle of the season. Will the Bucs prove themselves today?