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Golden Nuggets: Too much celebrating?!?

Well, this is totally unauthorized but I saw there weren't any Nuggets posted today and I can't seem to get a hold of James so...I wonder if the celebrations got a little out of hand?!? I mean, it was our first win and I know I took my family out for Mexican food afterwards...But James is a bit younger than me so, you know those crazy kids.

Anyways I don't even know if I can find the image for these Nuggets, and it's very possible Fooch (whom I assume is still sleeping at this point) will take these down and/or redo them but I wanted to throw some links up at least...heckuva first Front Page post eh?! On with the links I say!

Sam Lam is up first today (because I CAN!). The Niners sure are relieved with this win.

Eric Branch points out the obvious: The Niners win a game!

Matt Maiocco points out how another sideline exchange may have fueled the victory.

Matt Barrows says the Niners won ugly...well, yeah but I think we'll take it!

More from Maiocco regarding the defense putting the clamps down to Jason Campbell...that had to hurt.

Eric Branch echoes Barrows in saying the win wasn't pretty...sheesh, what more do they want from us?!?

Branch also says Gore got his redemption in this game after an un-Gore-like performance last week against the Eagles.

Mike Sando has his wrap-up of the game here.

And then Sando follows this morning with a look at the NFC West QB's.

So that's it enhanced features today...just trying to get the links up there. Besides, I'm biding my time until the hostile takeover of everything sacred to James...what good would it do to rush it?

Man I probably used WAY too many ellipsis there. Sue me.