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49ers 17 - Raiders 9: Mike Singletary Morning After Press Conference

As usual, Mike Singletary will have his morning after press conference down in Santa Clara at 11:45am. I've posted an embedded video player after the jump, but you can also catch the press conference on CSN Bay Area (channel 40 and 720 (for HD) on Comcast here in San Francisco).

This is the first "Victory Monday" of the season so I'm sure Singletary will spend a good amount of time doling out praise to some of the players and units. At the same time, I certainly hope the media asks some of the more pressing questions that the team still has to address. The penalty issue is certainly first and foremost. As posted earlier, it's great the team won the turnover battle, but you can't have 143 penalty yards and beat good teams. Maybe you can overcome it against the Raiders, but not some of the better teams in the league.

Another question I'd love to see asked is about Eric Heitmann. While watching the game on CBS, at one point the camera flashed to the sideline and it appeared as though Alex Smith was taking some practice snaps from Eric Heitmann. David Baas never left the game, but maybe the team was considering a switch after the fairly miserable first half?

Whatever the case, enjoy the press conference after the jump...

Mike Singletary Press Conference