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Golden Nuggets: Not Enough Celebrating

Big thanks to Tre9er for picking up on the Nuggets yesterday morning, hope you all welcomed him to the front page appropriately, he'll have his first full piece coming up today, so get hyped on that one. I was a little ... out of action yesterday, we'll leave it at that, shall we? Note that in the "Gameweek," section, I will be transitioning to the upcoming game each Tuesday morning, but will leave up the link that takes you to all posts relating to the previous game between the local sites, and the blogs of both teams involved, on top of boxscores and our sports network recap.

How about that win, yeah? I'm pretty excited to get that first win, it was great at the stadium, and I'll have a piece on that on SB Nation Bay Area later today, so be on the lookout for that. I don't care that it was the Oakland Raiders and I don't care that we're 0-5, anybody who tries to rain on this parade won't get far with me. There's a difference between pessimism and realism, and not being happy about a win isn't realism. But uh, yeah, let's get to your links and I apologize for any repeats from yesterday.

This victory signifies a fresh start for the 49ers, at least to the 49ers. It's way too optimistic to think of it in that light, but it's a nice thought, isn't it ...? 1-0, baby! (

Ice instead of fridge ... man, that sounds great. I left a few minutes early to avoid the Raiders bloodshed, but I think it's pretty darn great they put him in there. (

Michael Crabtree's role on this team is rising. That, my friends, is a very good thing. (

More on Crabtree and his role. Good to see him getting into regular form, we need it from him. Badly. (

I believe that Singletary had a role in Crabtree playing well suddenly. I know there's a lot to hate and be frustrated with when it comes to Singletary, but guys have gotten themselves in shape and played beyond expectations under him before. (

Smith would like to hear less from Singletary on the sidelines, and I can definitely see why. I'd like to see less posturing and being a field general from Singletary at times, and motivate when he needs to. (

Isaac Sopoaga with the ball in his hands. Make it happen, Mike. Singletary or Johnson, I don't care which. Do it. Trust me. (

The linebackers produced on Sunday against the Raiders. And for the record, I do not want Shawne Merriman anywhere near this football team. I think that Martian he beat down deserves to be taken down a peg or two, but he shouldn't have his hands anywhere near a female. Either way, I only don't want him on the team because he's a shoddy football player at this point in his career. I wouldn't sign him for a veteran's minimum. (

The 49ers passing success came in bunches. I don't care how it came, just be sure it shows up again. (

Some quick grades from the Chron. (

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