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Mike Singletary Approval Rating, Victory Edition

For the first time since week 1 I've decided to post our previously weekly Mike Singletary approval poll. My apologies for its absence, as I think we would have seen some record low approval ratings and it would give us a solid idea of how people view the 49ers head coach. I'm sure the win will sway some people's opinions but I also think the win was ugly enough that it won't unfairly affect too many people.

Given the long time between polls I've decided to make a change to the poll. Previously the poll was always a yes/no poll. Of course there is plenty of room for shades of gray so I decided to change things up this week and turn it into a 1 to 10 poll. If you think Coach Singletary is doing an awful job and couldn't be worse give him a 1. If you think he's doing a fantastic job and couldn't be better, give him a 10.

Even as I write this I find myself trying to figure out what I'd rate Coach Singletary. At times I want to give him a 7 or 8, and at other times I want to give him a 2 or 3. I definitely don't think he deserves one of the extreme votes. Even in his struggles he could always be worse. That's not exactly inspiring, but it is certainly something to keep in mind. Where do you rate Coach Singletary at this point in time?