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Come Get Your Baby Kissed By Takeo Spikes At Best Buy!

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Earlier today Takeo Spikes shot out a tweet that he would be down at the Best Buy on 1717 Harrison Street here in San Francisco today.

Come check me out @ Best Buy today @ 6pm. 1717 Harrison St San Francisco. I'll be shaking hands & kissing babies. Courtesy of Comcast.

If you live in San Francisco or nearby, I'd imagine this would be a fun event to check out. Takeo Spikes is one of the more entertaining players on the 49ers. If you don't follow him on Twitter I highly recommend it as he provides some amusing tweets throughout the day. Since day one he's been a vocal leader on this team, and I'd imagine he's had some useful advice for Patrick Willis about the world of NFL middle linebackers. Also, if you get a chance, check out his home page where he posts video blog entries every so often.

I leave you with video of his celebration dance after intercepting Jason Campbell.