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Golden Nuggets: Slow Days Are Great

Well look at that, we had a slow day yesterday. Don't get those very often, do we, folks? We didn't have any drama, no players quit or complained. The coach didn't explode and Michael Crabtree didn't say something hinting at being totally miserable in San Francisco. An owner didn't drunk text ESPN, making wild, wild claims at the sky. The biggest news of the day was Takeo Spikes going around and kissing babies. Nothing Takeo does really surprises me anymore, though; those dances have convinced me that he's a hard-to-predict dude.

Be sure to check out the feature I posted on SB Nation Bay Area yesterday, the link is down there where it should be. Our power rankings stream is pretty cool too, go read up on that as well just under my feature. My SBN link-whoring aside, I still feel good. Beating the Raiders always has felt and always will feel good. Let's get to your pertinent 49ers links. Enjoy.

The team likely has no interest in bringing in linebacker Shawne Merriman. Good, like I noted yesterday, I don't want the guy. He's just not that good. (

Here's an every-player review for Sunday's game against the Raiders. I like some of what I read. Some of it, not so much. I guess that's how it goes, though. I'm glad somebody recognized Smith's incompletions as helpful. (

No major injury for Vernon Davis. That is very good news, I would hate to see VD go down for awhile. (

The 49ers have Carolina next, and then London against the Broncos. A very winnable stretch, but not exactly easy. (

How about a first look at the rather winnable 49ers-Panthers game in Carolina which is coming up this week? (

I was happy with the play of C.J. Spillman for the most part. I think he exceeded our expectations, because I don't think I recall a single happy comment about his signing. Certainly didn't get one from me. (

More film review and notes from the game on Sunday. I agree with the bit about Bowman, it's the one issue I said he had weeks ago, and I'm glad someone else is noting it. Bowman will be an amazing player, but right now I want TKO in whenever possible. (

Frank Gore was nominated for one of the ground players of the week. Always good to get our guys in on these things, ya know. (

This is nothing new, but man I cannot get the notion about Sopoaga carrying the ball out of my head. I hope we do it if we're up big on the Panthers. (

Says this is audio of Mike Singletary on KNBR, but just so you know, I've yet to listen to it personally. (

Michael Crabtree got the best of Heyward-Bey. Hazzah. (

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