Ask a Panther's Fan

Hello Niners Nation members and 49er fans! Jaxon here with Cat Scratch Reader to engage you in a little Q&A before our epic match-up this Sunday. Well, it was going to be epic before you guys screwed it up and beat the Raiders. We could have had a combined 0-11 in that game.

Seriously, congrats on the win! I imagine you want to keep it going but you have a hungry Panthers team looking to get rid of the collar.

Good news! Steve Smith practiced today and Matt Moore has been named starting QB. Moore loves to stare 'Ol Smitty down so maybe an INT is in the cards for you. Anyone else expect a low scoring game?

Enough lead-in though, if you have any questions for Panther fans you know what to do. Either myself or some other fan from CSR will give you a completely biased answer!

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