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49ers Future Still Intact: FB Jehuu Caulcrick Signed Back To Practice Squad

With the promoting of S Chris Maragos to the active roster, Jehuu Caulcrick makes his ... fourth trip back to the 49ers practice squad. Maybe it's the third or the fifth time, I really am not too concerned. The point is he's there, and I'm glad for that. I allowed myself a few moments of hoping he'd make the roster during the preseason, but ultimately I knew it would be Moran Norris.

Norris is a guy who is almost universally hated here on Niners Nation. Every bad run is on Norris, every time Alex Smith overthrows him, Norris didn't do enough. He certainly deserves an awful lot of flack, because he's most certainly slumped. I don't quite understand why he's slumped, because in 2006, he really was a dominating fullback. He's not in bad shape, and in fact, looks great. I think perhaps a season on the 2008 Detroit Lions ruined his fragile little mind. He probably has horror stories. 

Still, though: it's really silly to think that he'll suddenly be cut at this point in this season. Much like Alex Smith is the best guy for the job at quarterback, Norris is the best guy for the job at fullback. Caulcrick just isn't ready right now, which isn't terrible for him, he just needs a little bit more time. Norris isn't that bad out there, we really only pay attention to what he does on the bad plays. Do I want him out there as much as he is? Not a chance. Would I rather have a more athletic, stronger but ill-prepared Jehuu Caulcrick in there instead? No, not at all.

But what of 2011? I don't think Norris has shown enough to be brought back. Caulcrick will be there. What do you think of him? Do you want him to be the fullback of the future? Do you want the team to draft a guy? Or do you think Norris