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Golden Nuggets: Injuries Suck

We had a decent news day yesterday, not a lot of action, and some upsetting injury news. but it's something we'll have to overcome. I honestly wouldn't be very surprised if Heitmann wasn't as hurt as the coaches say he is, but that's a whole different thing. He's hurt, and likely out for around four weeks with a neck injury. That hurts, because David Baas has been less-than-stellar, while Heitmann generally is pretty darn good. What with the poor offensive line play all-around, it would have been nice to have him back. Oh well, such is the NFL, no?

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Patrick Willis says that the new restrictions regarding hitting are unreasonable. I'm inclined to agree with him, if we're in the business of putting it into so many words. (

Maiocco says that it won't slow down the 49ers hitters, though. I wouldn't even think of the rule if I were playing, honestly. (

Eric Heitmann is out with a neck injury, and it could be about a month, which, as I said before, is basically tragic. We need him in there. (

The 49ers pushed back the target date for their new stadium. Oh what, you mean Jed York made some form of baseless, and ambitious but well-intentioned prediction that isn't going to follow through? Darn. (

Alex Smith can relate to Panthers QB Jimmy Clausen. I can, too: I won't be throwing a football in the NFL any time soon. (

True grit? I suppose, but the only player who really was gritty at all was Gore, I don't know that we can call that a gritty team effort. Did Jon Gruden write this piece? (

The team resigned FB Jehuu Caulcrick to the practice squad, which is a move I love. (

Patrick Willis has been frustrated throughout the beginning of the season. It showed in his play. (

Even Ted Ginn is against the new hit rules. That's pretty telling, honestly. (

Here's the audio from a conference call with Panthers QB Matt Moore and Panthers coach John Fox. (

Maiocco explains when we'd know if the 49ers put a claim on LB Shawne Merriman. (

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