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Caption This!

A few weeks ago, I dedicated the Caption This! to finding a formula that would result in a 49ers win. I was able to surmise that pictures of other teams don't work, and that pictures of Jimmy Raye and Alex Smith together almost work, while pictures of Jimmy Raye and Alex Smith individually fail rather epically. Then, I ran out of Internet. Last week, with no Internet, I was unable to give you a proper Caption This! And the 49ers won.

But I refuse to believe that is the correct formula.

Rather, I believe that the correct formula starts with the Raiders. It took the Raiders for the 49ers to win, not a Caption This!-less week. But there's a problem: The 49ers do not play the Raiders this week. So the question becomes, "How do we infuse more Raiders into this week's game?"

The answer, for my part, is by way of Caption This!

Also, Al Davis is terrifying. His visage haunts my dreams. Not to mention my awakes. And don't get me started on me sleeping-but-not-dreamings. It haunts those, too. So please, for my sake, and for the 49ers' sake, turn horror into comedy. We need this. We really do.

As usual, use the comments for your captions, and rec' your favorites.

Your Caption Here!