Official Niners Nation Fantasy Football Support post week 7

Week 7 of the football season is upon us. It's hard to believe that we're already to this point. As an updated in my leagues I'm 3-3, 3-4, and 1-5 (I missed that league's draft due to a scheduling conflict and got an auto-draft).

On to the fantasy football stuff.

If you own Kenny Britt in one of your leagues, sit him. He was allegedly involved in a bar fight yesterday and was excused from today's practice while the team gathers more information. My guess is that he doesn't play.

Desean Jackson is still out after last week's hit.

Josh Cribbs returned to practice today. He's expected to play but I have to wonder how effective he'll be this week.

Redskins TE Chris Cooley is healthy and will be back in action this week for those who own him.

Dallas Clark's season is done with after suffering a hand/wrist injury.

Austin Collie had surgery on his thumb and will miss several weeks. He's on a bye this week anyhow but he'll likely be out for a couple of games

With Clark and Collie both hurt Garcon is likely to see a lot more action. If you owned Clark (or just need a TE), I recommend picking up Benjamin Watson of the Browns. At first glance that choice might seem odd, but he plays the Saints, who haven't played so hot against tight ends, plus he'll be a nice safety valve for Colt McCoy. He's been getting 5-6 catches for anywhere from 45 yards to 88. He probably won't get touchdowns but he's a good bye week replacement, or if your TE is really struggling he might be worth picking up as a replacement.

So here's my question of the week (and it involves an NFC West matchup which makes it even better):

As a third RB/Flex option I've got a choice between LaRod Stephen-Howlings who has consistently earned about 10 points a game. I've also got Leon Washington who's not been anywhere near as consistent but can blow up big time with the right opportunity. Which of them do I start with this week's matchup of the Cardinals and the Seahawks?

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