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Are The 49ers Looking Past The Carolina Panthers?

I realize it's hard for a 1-5 team to look past anybody, particularly coming off an ugly win, but there are several factors in play that got me thinking about this issue. The 49ers are coming off their first win of season against one of their rivals in a season of emotional turmoil. They're traveling to face a struggling Panthers squad that is looking for their own first victory. The 49ers are also in the midst of a ten day road trip that will carry them on to London for their matchup with the Broncos.

Beyond that, to be perfectly honest, I have nothing to support the query of this post. The 49ers coaches and players are all saying the right things. They're talking about taking things one day at a time. The first win is a big, but I could see looking past being more of an issue had they been playing the Saints or some other high quality team.

Nonetheless, I remain concerned about this given how crazy this season has been thus far. I don't recall ever experiencing a 49ers football season quite like this. Really I don't remember a season like this for any of my favorite sports teams. Is anybody else concerned about this? Is it even remotely reasonable to think the 49ers will look past this game? There has been some mention of the London game being an issue given the long road trip, but I'd wonder if that would be more of an issue next week rather than this week. I suppose some of the players might be overly excited about it.

I sense I'm going in circles with this but I'm curious what other folks think about this issue in light of the dire need for a second straight win.