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Golden Nuggets: Catching Up On Some Rambling

Alright, men. We're a day out from our game in Carolina. A game against a team that has performed laughably bad at times. They didn't even get a chance to shoot themselves in the foot, while loading the gun there was a misfire and they just clipped their own temple. Unconsciousness was immediate, and they've spent the first five weeks of the 2010 NFL season it a catatonic state, unable to stop the gentle drubbing ebb and flow of 0-5 that we ourselves grew accustomed to just a couple weeks ago. It's now time for the 49ers to head over there, and throw a burlap sack over their heads and beat them back into unconsciousness as they slowly awake for week seven after lightly napping through their week five matchup against the Chicago Bears followed by a state of confusion in week six, wondering where everyone was, waiting to play a game. We've all but got this one in the bag ... or in the sack, you know. Whatever.

Perhaps I've overstated the disarray in Carolina, perhaps it's more of a "wishful thinking," type of deal, or perhaps, as usual, what I've said is 100% accurate and totally correct in every way. Which is probably the case, because I rock. Occasionally I roll. Mostly I'm just legit. Too legit, sometimes, to quit. Ya dig? Go Niners.

Frank Gore is a workhorse, and he fits into that role nicely. He can carry this team, but it really should be in shifts. The team may have realized the small fact that Gore needs a bit more rest these days. (

Anthony Davis isn't sore over the Shaun Smith ruling. Good to know. I still don't know how the NFL rescinded that fine, were they really zooming in on the tape and trying to find the outline of Davis's package? Did they take measurements to conclude whether or not he had uh ... an offset-I formation and come up with the conclusion that the thigh is what was grabbed? Shakin' my head, NFL. Shakin' my head. (

Here's some matchups to watch for the 49ers going in to tomorrow's game in Carolina. (

The team will be focused on stopping the run going into this game, which is good considering the Panthers don't actually have a player designated for the quarterback position, but rather a group of rather acrobatic midgets who preform stunts that look oddly like collapsing underneath a pile of 350 pound linemen. (

Here's a bit about kickers. I saw that and decided not to read it, because everybody knows it's all about long snappers, son. (

Are the 49ers taking a look at John Fox, who may be done in Carolina after this season? I certainly hope not, Fox doesn't strike me as a particularly bright person, and with an 0-5 unit .... well, I don't see how we'd be improving our position much. (

Points of the Game: Panthers vs. 49ers (

Team's Talk: Nedney On Carolina (

The Broncos and the 49ers have different approaches to the London game. I like our's better. So neener neener, Broncos fans. You smell. (

Takeo Spikes has been the 49ers best linebacker so far this season. I'm inclined to agree, Spikes is great. I'm glad he's still around. Can we please get him to the playoffs? (

Shawne Merriman has a link to the 49ers. Hah. Get it? I highlighted "link," with a hyperlink. I'm so [site decorum] funny it's not even right. I love me some me. (

The gun charges against ex-49ers running back Glen Coffee were dropped. The lord giveth ... (

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