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49ers Formula For Success Going Forward

When Mike Singletary first took over as 49ers head coach, he set up a five part formula for success:

1. Total Ball Security
2. Execute
3. Dominate the trenches
4. Create great field position
5. Finish

We hadn't really discussed this formula all that much this season due to the failure to apply any of these standards. However, in light of victory #1 over the Raiders, I think we can probably narrow down the formula for success, and in fact make it a bit more specific. Here's what I would argue is probably a formula for 49ers success in 2010:

1. Win the turnover battle
2. Strong defensive performance (and/or inept offensive play-calling by the opposition)
3. Solid to strong performance from Frank Gore
4. Alex Smith not making stupid mistakes

Maybe these aren't exactly the most shocking of options, but we saw it in action and it worked last Sunday. I've attached a poll that probably isn't the best of polls, and I have an idea of what will be the highest vote-getter. Nonetheless I was curious to see what people had to say about this formula for success heading into tomorrow's matchup with the Carolina Panthers. And do you think there are other keys, or more specific keys that I have failed to include?