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Golden Nuggets: East Coast Mirror Image

Well yesterday was a really, really good day for me. The Giants are going to the World Series, and for that I'm totally stoked. The Sharks dominated their opponent 6-to-1 and my fighters all won last night at UFC 121. It was a great day that saw me going to this auto parts store to watch it all and eat some good food. Just a little bit white trash-y, but I can deal. Today though, today I need something more. I'm not satisfied.

I vastly prefer the 49ers to the Giants, but I can admit that a World Series berth is far more important than a 49ers win today, but I will not feel totally, 100% right until the Niners go into Carolina and show them what they're working with. Watch yaself. Anyway, I'll be around today, and I expect all of you to be as well. The 49ers need to come out strong, they need to stop the run and not commit turnovers. It's pretty cut and dry in that regard. Either way, enjoy the links today, folks. And Go Niners, of course.

The 49ers are facing their east coast mirror image. I hate saying that, because I firmly believe the 49ers have more talent than Carolina. (

Willis hasn't been making the kinds of tackles and plays that we usually see him making, but I'm not worried. Patrick Willis always has and will be a constant. (SacBeecom)

The 49ers are en route to London, but first have a quick stop in Carolina. (

You can never get enough previews, right? I think not, so here's a preview right here for ya. (

Why not another one, this one from the Chron. (

Here's a 49ers scouting report with some players to watch and things of that nature. (

This game is part of an eleven-day road trip as the team will be flying to London directly after the game. Let's hope they're in good spirits on the flight, yeah? (

The team is wary of the winless Panthers, as they should be. The 49ers picked up their first win after going 0-5, so why not them? (

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