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49ers Owners Reportedly Displeased With Team's Coaching

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This has been posted as a FanShot by mikeinsp and also has been mentioned in our recap threads, but this certainly is worthy of its own front page post. Matt Maiocco is reporting that a team source indicated that John and Jed York were both expressing displeasure with the team's coaching. It's really not surprising that something like this would happen, particularly in light of the team's rough loss to the Carolina Panthers. Throw in the fact that the team is about to head to London to be showcased with the Denver Broncos and John York happens to head the NFL owners' International Committee, and the timing couldn't be more perfect.

I've included a poll to see what people think. Unlike our poll about the QBs earlier today, this question is what you think the 49ers owners WILL DO, and not what you want them to do. Also, feel free to include your reasoning for why you think what you think.

Personally I do think the 49ers could fire Mike Singletary before the end of the season, but at this point I don't see it happening. Now, if the team continues its struggles then the odds will obviously only increase. Mike Singletary could not be any more on the hot seat as head coach. The coming weeks will be very interesting, particularly with a bye approaching after Sunday's game with the Broncos. If the 49ers are embarrassed on the field next Sunday I could very well see an emotional reaction from ownership leading to a firing.