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Golden Nuggets: Late Again

Well that wasn't fun, not one bit. I don't even know how to feel. This team really is that bad. It's not a fluke, it's not a one-off thing. It's not something that happened overnight. It just did. We need a lot of things to get going again, and I'm more than a little upset because we still have a ton of talent on this team on both sides of the ball. Time is running out for that talent. I'm late, again, mostly because I just woke up and I apologize to everyone. So I'm going to trim things down and just get to the linkage. Enjoy the links.

Are the owners losing faith in Mike Singletary? Probably, the fanbase is, at least. That's probably enough. (

The defense couldn't stop Matt Moore. Matt fricken Moore. What does that say about us? (

Singletary has got to look at the film. Guess who is officially sick of this guy? This guy. (

Here's some grades, everybody's favorite thing to look at after a loss, right? Right. Yeah. So stoked for these grades. (

Alex Smith was injured in the loss, which really, really sucks. I don't like that one bit. (

Why? Because when David Carr was out there he was just ...  bad. Very, very bad. The offense regressed, which I didn't even know was possible at this point. (

The owners are grumbling over the coaching. Shoot me now. (

It's far too easy to just push Ted Ginn Jr. out of bounds. That's the first thing this first-half film review notes, and it's a wholly frustrating thing to me. (

The 49ers free rides are coming to an end. Isn't that special? Let's add more disarray. (

Another report card. I'm not signing this one. The 49ers special teams unit was the strongest yesterday. Really, guys? Really? (

And with that, the season has officially fallen apart. (

The 49ers kind of stopped Steve Smith. Which is totally cool and all, but we left those rookie wide receivers .. well, open. (