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SB Nation Retail Store: "Free Nate" T-Shirt Is Ready

Free Nate White t-shirt
Free Nate White t-shirt

Sometime last year SB Nation worked out a deal with a company to help us produce apparel for our various sites. At the time we tried to come up with some ideas. The primary idea was a shirt that said Niners Nation on the front and "The Only Blog That Enjoys VD And Crabs" on the back (with the URL).

Well, we've come up with a second design thanks in part to a suggestion by IRONxMIKE. And so I present to you the FREE NATE t-shirt. It's not the same because we can't use player images without their permission. Instead, I decided to go for a more minimalist approach. I had thought about including our URL on the back but that would have added several dollars to the cost.

Nate Davis inspires a whole lot of divisive opinions, and with Alex Smith potentially missing some time, it makes sense that the pro-Nate Davis crowd is letting their voices be heard. Thus, it made sense to come up with this t-shirt. Imagine having a whole boatload of people around the country sporting their "FREE NATE" t-shirts? We've got several different options for you to consider at this point. I included a basic white t-shirt with black lettering because sometimes the most basic can work as well as anything. If you decide you want to purchase a shirt, the price listed already includes shipping, head over to our site store.

In light of the numerous QB issues, smileyman suggested an Andrew Luck t-shirt as well. With a last name like Luck it seems like there are numerous potential options. Smileyman suggested something along the lines of "Time For Some Luck in 2011." Any thoughts on that and/or any other suggestions? One option, depending on how it would affect the price, would be to include a 4-leaf clover in 49ers red with gold trim. Fire away with your thoughts on that or any other draft ideas.