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Golden Nuggets: Thanks, Though

Good morning everyone. To start, quick apology as I've been a little less than active lately around here. Nuggets have been going up late, I'm been invisible in the comments, and things of that nature. There was a health problem, I was away for a few days and I've only just caught up with life in general. So I'm back, here to die by the sword that is the San Francisco 49ers right alongside all of you. Thought I'd share a fun snippet with you all before I get started with your links.

I keep receiving emails from a "Seaver," fellow who keeps telling me it's my absolute duty to publish articles about Jon Gruden. He's got a flair for the dramatic and is speaking to me, and some of the other 49ers beat writers as though he's the mastermind behind the whole 49ers beat operation. I'm wondering if perhaps it's true, and I'm in over my head. I suspect that there's a secret society that I'm about to discover, and feel as though I need to call up Bee-rows or Maiocco and ask them what's up. Seaver, I appreciate it, really, I do, but your efforts just aren't going to get anything out of me. Thanks, though. On to your links!

The 49ers have nobody but themselves to blame for their failed backup plan. It's the truth, and I was preaching David Carr's fallacies before we signed him. Shaun Hill really should have been our future. SHRSHBOF! (

I haven't got a chance to read this yet, but this looks like some answers from John York regarding London and the possible expansion and things of that nature. (

Could it be the end of Mike Singletary in San Franccisco if this London trip does not go well? It's certainly possible with the bye week coming up after that. (

Here's the transcript from Mike Singletary's London arrival press conference. I'm not going to read this, because I'm absolutely sick of that man. (

Notice how there were no talks of the playoffs in that transcript? I didn't, because I didn't read it, like I said, but it's good to know from this article that he didn't pop off at the top about it again. (

Mike Singletary is a rather delusional guy, as I've come to find. I don't mean to insult him all that much, but the 2010 San Francisco 49ers are not going to make the playoffs. (

Sando takes a look at the play that saw Alex Smith go down with the arm injury. No fault of Anthony Dixon's, I say. All on Davis. (

Still waiting to hear what's going on with Smith's arm. I hope he's not hurt too bad, David Carr is, how you say, not good. (

Frank Gore had a slight reduction in playing time against the Panthers. Which leads me to believe Mike Johnson isn't all that great. Don't they have a porous run defense? (

How about some silver linings from the loss to Carolina? Yeah, I won't read it either. (

Got plenty going on today at NN, but I don't really have a set plan as to what goes up win. Look for a Mike Singletary approval rating post in the morning, which should be loads of fun, and some stuff from myself.