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Poll: NFL Victory of the Week

This post is sponsored by Prilosec.

It's safe to say I need some Prilosec for the Heartburn I'm getting. Please feel free to vote for what you think was the best win of the week, but let's cut to the chase. As long as the 49ers keep losing we're not going to care about winners around the NFL. So here's my thought, what's been the 49ers worse loss thus far? Worst can mean whatever you want it to mean. Either a bad, unacceptable loss to an "inferior" opponent, or maybe just most painful to you as a fan.

Really you could make arguments for virtually all of the losses. At this point I'd argue Carolina was probably the worst loss because the 49ers had tried to give us a little hope and instead they blew the game in spectacular fashion. If I had to rank the losses starting with the worst, I'd probably go with:

1) Carolina
2) Seattle (partially because I was there)
3) Atlanta
4) Philadelphia
5) New Orleans
6) Kansas City