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Golden Nuggets: Troy Smith Named Starting Quarterback

Fooch's Update: Just added a front page post on Troy Smith.

Before I get to the Nuggets, a quick topper. Mike Singletary announced that veteran quarterback Troy Smith would be the starting quarterback against the Denver Broncos. He also said that Alex Smith will be out two-to-three weeks. I hate that this is going down. Alex Smith is the best guy for the job, like I said before, but it's definitely better than David Carr, don't you think? He's uh ... not good. Nate Davis will not be activated from the practice squad.

Anyway, thanks to those of you who wished me well yesterday in the Nuggets. The girlie texted me and told me it was "cute," so let's avoid that in the future, yeah? We're men, it's our duty to wrestle bears, build log cabins, and watch football, not to tell eachother about our feelings. I'm sad to report, however, that she went ahead and registered on NN. Be nice. Yes, you. Be nice. Enjoy the links.

Like I said, Troy Smith will be starting for the 49ers in London this week. I'm glad it will be him, let's hope he can show us something. (

John York is standing behind Mike Singletary as the team's head coach throughout the 2010 season. (

How about a first look at the Denver Broncos? (

Here's a quick little link with an interview with 49ers owner John York. (BBC)

Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels and receiver Brandon Lloyd both had conference calls, so here's the audio for those. (

In England, the 49ers would be demoted to the minor leagues with their 1-6 record. Oh, that's just lovely. Absolutely lovely. (

There are some possible lineup changes about for the 49ers. I can't argue with any of those, methinks. (

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