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49ers-Broncos: Will Troy Smith Get The 49ers A Win?

We've already had a sizable amount of discussion on the subject of quarterback Troy Smith and the fact that he's starting in place of injured Alex Smith, leapfrogging perceived second stringer David Carr. Carr had a bad showing when he came in against the Panthers. You'd expect a guy facing the league's fifth best pass defense to underwhelm you with his arm, but you don't expect the kind of passes he threw at this level. They were badly under-thrown, to the point where I wanted ... well, anybody else in there under center at that point.

So now we've got Troy Smith, a guy I was excited about when we brought him in. This offseason, I said the 49ers should target him. Last year, I talked about how I'd keep my eye on the guy in the future. Well now he's here, now he's going to play, and hopefully all this tellin' you I've been doing can come to fruition by means of him showin' you. Get it? That's a "don't tell me, show me," kind of thing, except I'm not overly obnoxious about my delivery like some on-the-hot-seat head coaches I can think of.

I just wanted to get a poll up, see what everyone thinks. Do you think Troy Smith in at quarterback gives us a greater chance to win than with David Carr, or maybe even Alex Smith? Don't take my optimism for the guy as me thinking suddenly the 49ers are in a hugely better place, I won't say that ... but the elation of not having Carr under center is a great thing.