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Making the Best 49ers Blog Out There Better

Recently, some of the head honchos over here at Niners Nation took some time to discuss the state of the site with each other. In particular, we were wondering about some of the weaknesses that we might have still have here, and what we can do to improve them.

Ultimately, it occurred to us that improving the site is as much of a concern for our readers as it is for us. We want the website to provide the best, most informative, and most enjoyable experience possible for you, the readers. So we decided that before we could make changes to the way we do things as writers and moderators, it was necessary to gauge the opinions of the people we are writing and moderating for.

This thread is intended as a sounding board for all of you. If there are things about the website that you find particularly enjoyable, this is where we want you to say so. More importantly, if there are things about the website that you find disappointing, things that limit the amount that you enjoy reading and/or participating here, then speak now or temporarily hold your peace (we intend to post similar "complaint box" threads in the future, in a continuing effort to maintain a standard that meets your needs).

When we were discussing the idea for this thread, we threw around a number of specific problems that each of us felt was affecting the enjoyability of the website. Collectively, we were concerned that, as moderators, we have been letting too much slide. We admitted to each other that it made the site less enjoyable to read to see threads turn into insult-slinging while we, as moderators, largely stood by and watched.

And we thought, "if this is making the site less enjoyable for the people writing it, what does it do for the people reading, the people commenting, the true heartblood of Niners Nation?"

The above is just one of the topics that we discussed as a group, just one single example of the kind of issue that we hope you won't hesitate to bring to our attention in this thread. There is no pulling of punches to be had here. There is only honesty. That honesty can be positive and complimentary. That honesty can be negative. The important thing is that you have a place to speak out about the things that you enjoy here at Niners Nation as well as the things that you do not enjoy.

So help us make Niners Nation, the best 49ers blog out there, better for you.