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Golden Nuggets: A 49ers Win Would Be Great, Too

Good morning everyone. How about yesterday in Bay Area sports, eh? We had a Giants game one world series win, a dominating win by the Sharks and a solid win from the Warriors. Feels good, doesn't it? Unless you're a fan of the A's or something like that, which of course means you're insane and likely in need of help. We'll get it to you, don't worry. Wouldn't it be great, though, if the 49ers could go ahead and pick up a win on the arm of Troy Smith this weekend in London? A guy can dream ...

We've got plenty coming up today on Niners Nation, including this week's 49ers Tweet-Bag from Tre9er, and I gotta say, it's a good one. There's an awful lot of information to absorb from it, so be sure to be here around lunchtime and give it a read, there's a couple special guests in today's edition. Also, we'll have a Niners Nation related posted from howtheyscored at ten, be sure to be on for that and help NN grow. Beyond that, uh ... oh yeah, don't forget to head over to Mile High Report and answer their questions, as well as ask any you have for them here. Let's get to your links, yeah? Enjoy, folks.

Just in case you missed the memo, Troy Smith is getting the start in place of the injured Alex Smith. I feel good about the move, or rather, as good as one can feel with this football team as it stands. (

Brian Baldinger thinks that the move to Troy Smith instead of David Carr is the right move. At least he got something right. (

Here's a good slideshow of some of the NFL in London action from the website that LondonNiner fellow works with. (BBC)

UPDATE: Just before I hit post, word came through that Maragos cleared waivers and has been signed to the practice squad. He will stay in London.

Here's an interview with Vernon Davis from a website I've never heard of before. (

Frank Gore has to be absolutely licking his lips at the prospects of getting the ball in his hands against the Denver Broncos defense. Darren McFadden just had a career game against them. Gore can do it, too. (

The Rams signed safety Michael Lewis. Go him, and go them. He can do some good things there, maybe. I'm still not fond of him, to be honest. (

Takeo Spikes has some words regarding his reduced playing time for rookie linebacker NaVorro Bowman. I agreed with Mays getting more time in place of Lewis, I do not agree with Bowman being in there during crucial situations where the game is on the line. Spikes is the guy for that job. (

If you missed it, the team released safety Chris Maragos and elevated cornerback Tramaine Brock from the practice squad to the active roster. Maragos will be re-signed to the practice squad. (

From the countryside to the sights of London - love the fact that Davis was just lounging around instead of going out. America. (

The 49ers current practice field sounds ... well, I gotta be honest, it sounds AWESOME! (

I enjoy Branch's diction in this blog post of his. I get lost in the same ways. (

Here are Maiocco's latest NFL power rankings. (

Here's audio from coach Singletary on KNBR, but I didn't listen to it yet. (

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