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Golden Nuggets: Let There Be Rain

Before I get started, be sure you head over to Tre's post from yesterday and read it over, leave some comments and things like that. Comments on it is good for all of us and he definitely put a lot of time into it. Just making sure everyone sees it and the like. Beyond that, we have plenty coming up for you today, so stick around for all of that.

I fell asleep for awhile and woke up to find that it's around 3:30 and the Nuggets are late. I have weird, vivid images of Matt Cain and then Kyle Orton and his beard. It's an odd feeling, odd things to be seeing, especially when my eyes cross due to the new light in the room and the images super-impose over eachother. Anyway, just wanted to make sure everyone knew that they can post whatever links they wanted to here in the Nuggets. Pertinent links regarding the 49ers and football in general, and even things that aren't entirely football related. We want the discussion to be about the 49ers where applicable, but I don't think anyone is adverse to using the Nuggets as a morning discussion post of sorts. Get in here and start commenting, I'm lonely. Let's get to your links.

The game plan will be simplified for quarterback Troy Smith going into the game on Sunday. That's to be expected, as a the third string quarterback doesn't really get reps throughout the season and can't be expected to be fully up to speed. (

It would be nice for the Niners if it were to rain come Sunday. I'm not sure I entirely agree with the notion, but hey, these guys (allegedly) know what they're doing. I think. (

Well that's one positive I think we can all agree on: offensive coordinator Mike Johnson is pleased with the progress that quarterback Nate Davis has been making. He can only see the progress so much, what with him on the practice squad and surely not taking quarterback snaps at practice, but it's still a good sign. (

I haven't got a chance to read all of these yet, but it seems like a nice piece. Barrows solicited 49ers fandom origin stories from his European readers, Have I got a funny story involving Europe that you all would love to hear ... (

Brandon Lloyd, now there's a new I routinely forget about. I don't have much to say about him, either. Blast from the past? Not really. (

The simplified playbook and the 49ers gameplan going into Sunday should clue you in on the fact that you shouldn't expect a whole lot from Troy Smith in this game. (

Chris Maragos survived waivers as expected and was re-signed to the team's practice squad. (

Here is Sando's latest chat wrap. (

Mays improves on the job. Good thing, too, because we have nobody else for the job at this point. (

Takeo Spikes and Mike Singletary differ on the subject of limiting his playing time in favor of rookie NaVorro Bowman. I'm with Takeo on this one, he needs to be in there for most of those situations. (

Hey cool, another guy supporting and advocating Troy Smith at quarterback. That's always good to see, gives just a little bit more confidence. (

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