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49ers-Broncos: Frank Gore, Brian Westbrook And Anthony Dixon

Last week we saw running back Frank Gore stand on the sideline for more plays than any other game this year. Last week the 49ers were also facing the league's fifth ranked passing defense, number one in takeaways. To me, that's an offensive blunder comparable only to ... well, comparable to the 49ers of the last few years. We're supposed to be beyond that kind of thing. Mike Johnson has appeared to be a marked improvement over Jimmy Raye, but it seems we have a long way to go yet before we get past stupid mistakes.

I'm wondering why this hasn't garnered a lot of discussion throughout the 49ers beat. Sure there was a mention here or there, but why in God's name was Frank Gore not the focal point of the offense against the Panthers? Why was Brian Westbrook not taking balls outside, with Anthony Dixon mixing it up in there, too? Why were Alex Smith and David Carr depended on so much? It doesn't make any sense.

But surely the 49ers have the tape from last week, right? They have the tape on the Raiders and Broncos game that garnered hearty "lolz," throughout the league, yeah? They logged right into and ordered the DVD alongside the other "NFL's Greatest Follies," tapes. Two for one deal. They have the tapes. Jump.

Darren McFadden was a man on fire against the Broncos. He wasn't rolling or overly fast, but Denver simply watched him and remarked "Damn! Too hot to touch!" as he gashed holes into their defense so deep there's no way they've recovered yet. They got stitched up, but the wound is raw, and prime for a little post-op sabotage by way of a Frank Gore beating.

Actually, I don't care which running back it is. Start Anthony Dixon and he'll go for a hundred. Start Brian Westbrook and he'll grab fifty receiving and rush for another sixty before a concussion sidelines him for the remainder of the game. Put the ball in the gut of Isaac Sopoaga and point him in the direction of the Denver Broncos defense and he'll rumble, stumble and bumble his way to a pair of scores before eating an entire turbaconducken and passing out on the sidelines like a giant Samoan baby. They're so cute when they're sleeping.

I'm actually pretty excited about Troy Smith, potentially limited playbook and all. I'm more excited about the idea of our running backs (and left defensive ends apparently) coming out and putting on a clinic. We're harder, better, faster and stronger. More than ever ... hour after hour ... uhhh. ... I lost my train of thought. Funny that I lost my train of thought exactly at 4:20. I think you Bay Area folks will appreciate that last sentence.

Anyway, back to the 49ers and away from Mary Jane/Daft Punk/Kanye West nfsfndsfibsoufbvsufosvofusfsfNIDp23423 3434 ... FOR [site decorum] SAKE KANYE LET GO OF THE KEYBOARD

Ahemm ... it's not too late to do that joke is it? No, it never is. I'll just pre-date this article to a year ago or something. I'll just seem very perceptive to the future of the 49ers. Anyway, what I'm really trying to say here, is that Singletary better not be talking all kinds of trash I ain't trying to hear like he has been doing this entire season. He says it's important that both Westbrook and Dixon see the field this weekend. I agree with him, but I wonder how much he actually agrees with what he says. I'm done with the "Westbrook Watch," wherein we wonder why we went with Westy in the first place. Apologies for the alliteration, but what's a couple repeating consonants between friends?

You best be serious, Mike. Both of you, Johnson and Singletary. If you run them, points will come.