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Golden Nuggets: Let's do this.

Today, the 49ers play the Atlanta Falcons. We're 0-3 right now and the Falcons are red hot. They're enjoying relative healthiness from some previously injured players and sweet, comfortable stability. The 49ers are in the middle of a change at offensive coordinator and have another player jumping ship. I guess it's good he decided to jump on his own though, that turkey would have been pushed off eventually, methinks. Perhaps I'm being mean, but I really, truly do not care. I'll be brash, insulting, and downright nasty right now because we have yet to win a game this season, and also the Giants suck. But you know something ... I feel good about this game. The 49ers can, and will win this one in Atlanta. Niners win 27-17. It will happen. Believe it. Enjoy the links for today, folks.

Do we have to talk about last year's loss? I guess we do. We just have to learn from it, methinks. (

It's mildly upsetting that in week four, we're faced with what is essentially a must-win game. It technically isn't, but it sure would be nice, wouldn't it? (

Here's a good breakdown with some keys, matchups to watch and more. (

The 49ers and the Falcons are heading in opposite directions. Eh. Whatever. (

The rest of the links I have for you today are some previews, here's one from Sam Lam. (

Aaaand a review from the Chronicle. (

And then a quick look from Branch. (

So yeah. Not much today. Gamedays never have that many links.