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San Francisco 49ers 14, Atlanta Falcons 16: Grade Mike Johnson's Performance

So that's that, then. The 49ers are now 0-4 and I don't know what needs to change. Well, I do to an extent - guys need to stop making mental errors. Nate Clements has to protect the ball in that situation and Alex Smith has to minimize those mistakes. Watching Smith really is a schizophrenic undertaking, the guy can take a snap and look fantastic scanning the field, stepping up, and delivering a strike. Or, he can look completely lost out there and make a completely boneheaded throw. Or, again, he can look very good with a ton of pressure in his face. It's maddening.

But how about the coaching? Singletary appeared to put together a solid effort going into this game, with Manusky doing so-so on defense, mostly talking about the final minute on that front, but what about offensive coordinator Mike Johnson?

I wasn't here for the entirety of the game, so I don't know if there were any struggles, but I saw some pretty good play-calling in the fourth when I tuned in. Let's try not to place blame unless it's warranted, though, I know the game just ended and volatile reactions are more than expected at this point, but honestly, how would you grade Johnson?

From play-calling, to the overall gameplan, his ability to attack certain parts of the defense and the personnel utilized - how do you grade new offensive coordinator Mike Johnson?