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Golden Nuggets: What Makes You Happy?

Good morning, LondonNiners Nation. We're a day out from another 49ers game and I'm curious more than anything. I've taken a step back from the team and let my preseason playoff aspirations fade to the background. I'll be watching this team like any other fan watches a team who isn't a playoff contender. How are they looking? Are they improving? What do I have to look forward to? That's what we have with the 49ers and I'm not as upset about it as I probably should be. It's a young roster with some holes, definitely some holes. We do have some great minds on the coaching staff still, even if you don't include head coach and offensive coordinator. I'm sick of looking at silver linings and relishing morale victories, but at the same time I need to be happy about something, lest I drive myself insane. Vernon Davis, Patrick Willis, Michael Crabtree, Taylor Mays ... those are all reasons to be happy. Dominique Zeigler is on the roster. That makes me happy. Things like that are going to get me through this season. We need a quarterback, unless Troy Smith doesn't throw a pick the entire season. Let's hope for that. Anyway, your links are coming up now, enjoy.

Offensive coordinator Mike Johnson is considering a move from the booth to the sidelines. Yeah, that will go over well, guys. Give that a shot for the first time when you're in a foreign stadium when you have a well-documented history of play-calling woes. These people are not very smart. (

The decision to start Troy Smith at quarterback over David Carr was not Mike Johnson's. Kay. (

For the fourth straight year, London gets a dud matchup. Feels really bad, man. (

Takeo Spikes wants to be in there during crunch-time. I want him in there, too. I think NaVorro Bowman will be a great player in the NFL, but now is not the time to have him in there. (

The team appreciates the fact that it's likely going to be a dreary day as far as the weather is concerned come gametime. (

Is it possible that we might see more of the guys behind Frank Gore on Sunday? One can only hope. (

Our Niners are in a state of despair. The list of things that's gone wrong is longer than the list of things that have gone right. (

Here's a transcript from Singletary's press conference yesterday. (

Teams Talk: Dominique Zeigler on Denver (

Here's some random notes from London. (

Hah. I love the last sentence there in this postcard from London. (

Commissioner Roger Goodell believes it's feasible for the NFL to expand into Europe. I laugh every time I see the weird "Europe," but I'll probably never tell you guys why, lest the girlie be angry with me. (

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