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49ers In England: A Chance To Change The "Culture" ?

Yesterday, Matt Barrows wrote about the team's practice facility here in England. The team set up shop at a resort just outside of London and this has kept the team in sort of a training camp sort of mode as far as being in relatively close quarters for a somewhat extended period of time. I realize it's only a few days, but it's still somewhat along those lines.

Is this something that could potentially turn around any sort of negative attitudes at this point? Or is winning really the only elixir at this point? I've reached the point where I'm not going to let myself get excited by such possibilities, but it's certainly something to at least ponder. It's a unique trip that few teams get. And the timing of it is certainly convenient given the team's immense struggles leading up to the game. I'm not expecting drastic change at this point, but consider it looking for one more potential silver lining.