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Golden Nuggets: Let's Do This

Well, here we are, chaps. Our 49ers have been driving on the wrong side of the road and drinking tea for about a week now, and we can expect a right thrashing of the Broncos later on today. It should be a jolly good show. It will uh .. be a bloody good time .. and yeah.  That's all I have in that regard. I'm writing the Nuggets early today .. I had a lot of writing yesterday and didn't really sleep the night before so I need to pass out to be able to wake up in the morning. So yeah, if you happen across any links that come up throughout the night that I may have missed, feel free to post them up in the comments and everything. Lastly, don't forget, after the game, get yourself on Twitter and ask Tre9er some questions for the 49ers Tweet-Bag. Do that, and you have my love. Forevermore. Let's getchusomelinks. Go Niners.

I hate the flack that Candlestick Park gets. It really is run-down, but I love that place. I really, really do. Goodell took a shot at it. (

Never too late for a little preview, I always say. (

In what I can only call a Singletary-esque statement, Troy Smith says it's all about doing, not trying. I agree with him, I just hope that's not another "Don't tell me, show me," type of thing because we all know how that worked out. Protip: it didn't. (

Maiocco has some random notes from London. I love the bit about David Carr. Why in the world did we sign him in the first place if he's not even capable of making an NFL throw? (

An expanded NFL schedule would likely mean expanded rosters. That's good news ... too bad an expanded schedule is a terrible idea. Don't do it. (

More generic previews, because I can. (

Not a lot of links on gameday, as usual.

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