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How Bad Is The NFC West? The 49ers Remain Alive

In spite of punching us all in the stomach, the San Francisco 49ers remain alive in the NFC West race, amazingly enough thanks to what is going to be a running punchline around the NFL. Smileyman will have his weekly recap of the NFC West action, but for now I wanted to take a broad look at the division. After four weeks of action, the Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams, and Arizona Cardinals are all tied at 2-2, with the 49ers sitting only two games back at 0-4. Smileyman will have a recap on Wednesday of the NFC West action this weekend, but I wanted to open up the insanity of the NFC West.

Although the 49ers were stomped by Seattle in the season opener, the 49ers still have five divisional games left. Obviously the team needs to actually win A game before they can win multiple games. However, it's entirely possible the 49ers could still win the NFC West in spite of their abysmal start. Until they win a game I won't make any guarantees, but at this point I'll take anything I can get.

Of course, what's interesting is that arguable the hottest team in the division at this point is the St. Louis Rams. They're playing well, but we have to keep in mind that their two wins are over Washington at home and Seattle at home. The Redskins aren't an awful team but they're not exactly spectacular. And the Seahawks appear to be a team that is a terror at home and is terrible on the road. Of course, if that means an 8-8 record for them, then we could be looking at a Pete Carroll division championship.

Whatever the case, in spite of my frustration over the season's start, I'm not prepared to abandon hope and go for the high draft pick. At this point, I'll take an embarrassing 7-9 division championship if that's what it comes down to. And in the wild world of the NFC West, an embarrassing 49ers squad might actually be able to win the division. It's funny, sad, amazing, and insane all at once.