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49ers-Falcons: Mike Singletary Day After Press Conference

As is custom, 49ers coach Mike Singletary will speak to the press at 11:45 to discuss the stomach punch loss handed to the 49ers by the Atlanta Falcons. We'll have the transcript later this afternoon but for folks that want to check it out today, head on over to CSN Bay Area's 49ers page.

This ought to be an interesting press conference in light of everything that's gone down the last few days (it's becoming a weekly cycle at this point). After safety Michael Lewis asked for his release, rumors began floating around that the team would probably cut him at some point today. I'd imagine one of the beat writers will ask Coach Singletary about that (I'm writing this post ahead of time so if he's been released by now then we'll definitely hear something about that move and the accompanying roster addition).

More importantly for our purposes is addressing another fourth quarter collapse by the 49ers defense. Obviously Nate Clements could have fallen down with his interception and ended it. However, the defense certainly still had a job to do when Roddy White forced the ill-timed fumble. I'm curious to hear Coach Singletary's thoughts on how that all unraveled. When the Falcons then drove back down the field and kicked the game-winning field goal, you could see how deflated Coach Singletary looked on the side line. As frustrating as this all is for the fans, I can't begin to imagine the frustration Singletary is feeling.