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Golden Nuggets: Well, that's that, I suppose.

There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said. Our 49ers came out, played some good football, then some ugly football, then some good football again for a hot sec there, and then some bad football again. This team is the epitome of inconsistency. The 49ers going out and scoring on subsequent drives is a logical implausibility and would result in the universe folding in on itself. That's how it is, that's how it's going to be. We're an 0-4 football team and looking at the roster, I can't understand it. Some of you will chime in and say "Alex Smith," and others will bring up Nate Clements's name, and sure, they are part of the reason we've lost certain games at certain points, but what do we do now? There was a marked improved in offensive play-calling and the offense in general, it seemed. Do we make another change and continue in disarray, or do we stick with the current setup and try, try again? Whatever the case, I'm beat right now, looking forward to some MLB playoffs and some Sharks hockey. But I'm not giving up on this team. Go Niners.

One of the bright spots from yesterday's game was rookie safety Taylor Mays, who, at the very least, was competent out there. Oh yeah, he was fast too, very fast. I just saw a blur slamming into things eleven times. (

It was, once again, mistakes that cost the 49ers a win. We got blown out by the Chiefs and the Seahawks, but played well enough to beat the Falcons and the Saints, sans all the [site decorum] mistakes. (

It's time to grade the 49ers, what would you give them? I basically agree with these grades, and the fact that everything isn't a "C," or lower is upsetting to me when we come out with a loss. (

Not much else to really go on - there's more about Mays and the fact that he is quite possibly a long-time starter at the strong safety position. (

Generous 49ers - doesn't it suck to be referred to as such? They "feasted," on us. Ugh. (

The 49ers have a bloody stump for a foot. Self-inflicted wounds were the name of the game yesterday. (

Here's a quick wrap-up with a look at what this loss means and things of that nature. (

The Nate Clements fumble was heart breaking. Awful. Singletary says that he probably only saw the end zone. I agree. And that's bad ... all bad. Augh. (

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