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49ers Announce Release of Safety Michael Lewis

Well, there you go, folks. It's official, as per the 49ers themselves. Michael Lewis has been released from the team. I think we all knew that he was gone one way or the other, sucks that we couldn't get a pick for him, but I doubt the team tried all that hard to shop him considering the fact that nobody would give anything up for a guy of moderate skill who was guaranteed to be released regardless.

The quote from Mike Singletary from the 49ers official Twitter: "I want to thank Michael for his hard work and leadership as a 49er." I hate to be the one to say "good riddance," but I'm just upset with the way things went down. He threw the entire organization under the bus to make himself seem better than he is. Oh well, I'm coming just short of saying "Lewis who?" after the performance from Taylor Mays yesterday. I mean, have we ever even seen Michael Lewis jump? Can he jump, at all?