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49ers-Eagles: Kevin Kolb Starting For Injured Michael Vick

While very few teams can match the frustration of the 49ers QB situation, the Philadelphia Eagles have managed to inject a bit of drama into their QB situation thanks to the switch between Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick. The Eagles dealt away Donovan McNabb last offseason with the plan apparently in place to have Kevin Kolb be their QB of the future. Vick was going to continue in his role of mixing things up, but Kolb was the guy around whom they were apparently building.

Then Kolb suffered a concussion and was sidelined leading to a Michael Vick resurgence and eventually supplanting Kolb as the named started by Andy Reid. This past weekend against the Redskins Vick suffered a rib injury that brought Kevin Kolb back into the game. According to the folks at Bleeding Green Nation, Vick suffered some cartilage damage and a small fracture that will keep him out this Sunday against the 49ers, and maybe the following Sunday as well.

That means the 49ers will face Kevin Kolb making his second start in 2010. The Eagles only other QB is rookie Mike Kafka, a fourth round pick out of Northwestern. Given the lack of any semblance of backup experience, rumors have circulated that the Eagles might take another crack at current UFL QB Jeff Garcia. It's only rumors right now but we'll certainly keep an eye on this.

With Kolb expected to start on Sunday, it could arguably be both a good and a bad thing. Vick was playing some very solid football and obviously would have brought the scrambling factor that Kolb lacks. The 49ers don't exactly have a ton of tape on Kolb, but given his more traditional nature I'd suspect it's a bit easier to game plan against him. The bad news is the 49ers can't really bet anybody right now so I suppose it really doesn't matter who's QB'ing the Eagles Sunday night.

In all seriousness I'd definitely prefer to face Kolb than Vick. It certainly doesn't make a 49ers victory any more possible, but maybe it throws them a bone that could make the difference. I'd imagine this can't please NBC all that much.