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Golden Nuggets: Expectations Aren't High

So we let loose some dead weight and man do I feel satisfied. Dropping a load like that makes me .... woah, woah ... that sounded bad. I'm sorry (no I'm not). I'm tickled pink that the poll option calling Michael Lewis a jive turkey came in second with 26% of the vote. 230 people share my opinion and it's rather gratifying. I don't mean the guy total disrespect, but he had a disrespect for this team and thus, I've stopped caring about him and the situation. Sad to see the team lose a vocal leader, but I'm sure we'll manage. We're 0-4 so expectations aren't exactly high at the moment. In good news, Michael Vick won't be playing against the Niners on Sunday, it sounds like. Which would be lovely, no? I'm not sure Kolb can do much against ... any defense. Also, I'm going to mention the word "girlie," because I promised I would. Anyway, let's just get to your linkage for the day, enjoy.

As noted, Michael Lewis was released by the team yesterday, and Mays was named the full-time starter at the strong safety position. (

This team is good, they have a lot of talent, but as Lam notes, they are not good enough to overcome their imperfections, or at the very least, have not been good enough through four games. Those imperfections refer to the team firing off seven rounds from a six shooter into the top of their foot. (

Mike Singletary isn't worried about his job, and is focused solely on turning this team around. Godspeed, Singletary. (

QB Alex Smith still has the support of head coach Mike Singletary. I'm glad Singletary is standing by his decision to keep Smith as the starter, considering we don't have any other options right now that are at all viable, but I don't like how he didn't try to hold Smith to any real level of accountability after the loss. (

Maiocco has his review of every player who took part in the action on Sunday for the 49ers. I always enjoy these and always plan to do my own until his comes out. He also examined the four plays ... you know which four. (

I didn't read this piece by Cohn, but it goes on and on about Singletary going on and on, so check it out if that's your thing. (

A look is taken at what exactly was the problem with Nate Clements and his fumble, and also Singletary's response as to what happened and what was wrong with it. (

Was WR Michael Crabtree calling out QB Alex Smith for his poor play? I certainly hope not, but I think he did. (

On the Road with Rod: Atlanta (

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